commissions are closed now, thank you everyone! I’ve got a couple more to finish up still, but this has been fun!


Someone told me once that armor like this was historically worn by great heroes… well, you know, there’s an exception to every rule, right?

And then Feihlim became a pirate because he definitely needed more outfits.

Jinx Isle, Malchor’s Leap


This sea-beaten rock is home to an Inquest base called Bauxite Alchemicals. The facility is submerged and heavily guarded. If there are Inquest in a place like Orr, they must be concocting something particularly awful.

a double commission

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another commission!

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Morgan’s Spiral, Caledon Forest


This floating rock formation is a common sight for Sylvari, though wonders such as this are rare outside of the Maguuma jungle.

Raven Shaman’s Cavern, Darkhoof Heights, Snowden Drifts


There are alarming rumors of a rogue Norn shaman taking up residence in this cave. Sightseers, act with caution!

this one’s for eyestumblin

asura portrait commissions are still wide open! :D info here!


why not post all 4 together ?


I think I will open up some commissions! I’ll do a portrait like this of your asura for either 70 gold in-game (or if you’re feeling generous $50 USD via paypal!) I’ll leave the window open for a couple days, so make sure to get whatever payment you’re going with together and email me a couple screenshots of your character (whatever angles best explain the details of their design and stuff. if you aren’t super good at screenshots just try to back the camera against a wall and get as close as you can.) at my email elainesmailaddress @ gmail. I’ll respond with info of how to send the payment (and usually I’d prefer the whole payment upfront but if you’re really suspicious I can do half before and half at completion. though this offer only stands as long as no one screws me over lol so make sure you can pay me promptly when I ask…!) And when I’m done I’ll email you a big file and post them here as well! (unless you don’t want me to for whatever reason)

One limit is if you character has gear that covers their entire face then, it doesn’t really count cause I’d basically just be drawing a helmet and that’s a totally different deal… the amount of coverage shown in these examples is an amount I’m totally comfortable with. So yeah. Give me all your cute asura.

edit: closed now, thank you everyone :D

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