I even made the poster.

GW2 Fashion Week: Day 7

Ailex Decidua, Engineer

I’m always really surprised at how well he came together, for my first character. I haven’t had to change anything about him for his look just fell right into place, from the yellow glow to the flamey armor to my preference for the flamethrower.

  • Head: Reading Glasses
  • Shoulders: Flame Legion
  • Chest: Leather
  • Arms: Flame Legion
  • Legs: Rubicon
  • Feet: Rubicon
  • Back: Advanced Spinal Blades
  • Dyes: Walnut, Matte, Shale, Old Penny
Do you have any special skin for your Sims? I'm sorry if this is such a noob question but the truth is I AM a noob and I've been trying to get my sims to look nice but they just.. don't :|

Asked by Anonymous

to get your sims to look nice you kind of have to, like… use ONLY custom content XD;; cause most CC is done in a completely different style than the default stuff it kinda doesn’t facilitate mix and matching.

I just looked through my sims 3 CC, but I haven’t played in so long I couldn’t find/recognize the skins I was using… I thought I’d made a bookmarks folder of the specific uploads of things I put in my game too, but apparently I didn’t. Sorry DX

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GW2 Fashion Week: Day 6

Pessk, Guardian

I originally modeled him after the color scheme of the glyphic weapons but didn’t end up giving him any of those weapons… he still matches the Priory Key focus though.

  • Head: Electroplated (t2 cultural)
  • Shoulders: Fanatic’s Mantle
  • Chest: Electroplated
  • Arms: Electroplated
  • Legs: Galvanic (t1 cultural)
  • Feet: Electroplated
  • Back: N/A
  • Dyes: White, Frost, White Gold, Mudmetal, Winter Sky

GW2 Fashion Week: Day 5

Meliosma, Necromancer

She’s supposed to look a little creepy and diseased but kindly, shy, and elegant at the same time.

  • Head: Mask of the Silent
  • Shoulders: Orchid (t2 cultural)
  • Chest: Nightmare Court
  • Arms: Nightmare Court
  • Legs: Nightmare Court
  • Feet: Orchid
  • Back: Mawdrey…….. eventually
  • Dyes: White Gold, Midnight Olive, Old Penny, Arrogance, Frosting, White

GW2 Fashion Week: Day 4

Small Magic Charr, Mesmer

She has 2 outfits for potential RP purposes. The shiny one is her regular look, and the other is when she’s working independently of the Legions as an assassin, protecting her identity. Plus those pants look so silly on a tiny charr I couldn’t not use them for something

  • Head: Fanged Dread Mask // Whispers
  • Shoulders: Invoker’s (t1 cultural) // N/A the helm covers them
  • Chest: Conjurer // Whispers
  • Arms: Radiant Vambraces // Whispers
  • Legs: Archon (t2 cultural) // Ascalonian Performer
  • Feet: Masquerade // Archon
  • Back: N/A
  • Dyes: Rust, Spruce, Ivory, Celestial, Silt // Rust, Spruce, White Gold, Celestial, Silt, Black, Clove

GW2 Fashion Week: Day 3

Yva the Diva, Elementalist

I already had a low level human elementalist so Yva was kind of an accident. And then I accidentally used a makeover kit on her. And then I accidentally leveled her to 80. (disregard the repair warnings, I am not good at ele)

  • Head: Scarlet’s Veil
  • Shoulders: Adept (t1 cultural)
  • Chest:
  • Arms: Adept
  • Legs: Adept (will I ever forgive anet for never fixing this awful clipping? hmm)
  • Feet: Adept
  • Back: nothing yet, but she will look mean when I finish the dynamic spinal blades.
  • Dyes: Midnight Green, Spruce, Pastel Lemon, Pastel Citrus, Buttercream, Tulip, Stone, Sherbert, Adobe

mmmm…. I regret contributing to the fervor of the hate for the recent patch, even if it was only minorly. Literally right after I made a post on it I made a new character just to try it out and actually had quite a smooth experience, trying to play like I didn’t know anything and following what the arrow told me to do. I think what a lot of people didn’t realize, from not actually trying it out themselves, is that they increased the rate at which you gain exp early on dramatically, so having your weapon skills level gated isn’t much of a problem in the beginning. The difficulty was light such that I didn’t end up dying. Calling upon my first days being new at the game when it took me forever to even realize the grove existed, I didn’t go into a city hence the new content compass always pointed to appropriate content. The only thing that confused me was re: the lack of bundles, there’s an event in plains of ashford where you have to recover cannonballs from the skritt, only this even now makes little sense mechanically to players because you’re just massacring skritt and can’t even see any cannonballs anywhere.

Hearing now that anet is changing it so these limits only apply to an account’s first character lifts the remaining weight off my heart about this update tbh, and in that new context I agree that these changes will actually help new players. I don’t care if they’re just ~covering their asses~ or backpedaling— they’re still doing something about it and listening to the feedback. There’s always mass backlash whenever anet changes or reorganizes things and I’m going to try and be more critical of the initial reaction of the excitable tumblr masses, as it’s become apparent (not even just in gw2 related things..) that people tend to gain fulfillment out of negative drama, and such a wide spectrum of people with such a wide spectrum of personal expectations can’t be expected to make good group decisions on something’s validity.

GW2 Fashion Week: Day 2

Burg Mauljaw, Warrior

yeah, yeah, I know, red and gold charr warrior… whatever. I imagine that having extra bright immaculately shined armor is just another way to intimidate people away from bothering you at the bar. She’s lv 27 atm and has been for nearly a year, so almost all these parts are transmuted so she’ll look nice in pictures…

  • Head: N/A
  • Shoulders: Barbaric
  • Chest: Pit Fighter
  • Arms: Barbaric
  • Legs: Pit Fighter
  • Feet: Heavy Plate
  • Back: Plush Tybalt Backpack
  • Dyes: Antique Gold, Swamp Grass, Black Cherry, Heirloom


Guild Wars 2 Fashion Week 1

Character: Angela Harford, Human Mesmer


  • Head: Feathered Headpiece
  • Shoulders: Researcher’s Epaulets
  • Body: Heritage Greatcoat
  • Hands: Cabalist Gloves (These are very interchangeable with anything that covers the hands.)
  • Leggings: Ascalonian Performer Pants
  • Feet: Apprentice Shoes


  • Bonetti’s Rapier
  • Song of the Numberless Pack
  • Seraph Pistol (Not pictured)
  • Khrysaor, the Golden Sword (Not pictured)


  • Celestial
  • Abyss
  • Black
  • Wrath
  • Daffodil
  • Gold

Comments: Abyss is the general black used here, though some pieces, like the skirt on the leggings, are just too dark with Abyss, so Black is used in its place. Gold also looks too faded and washed out on the accents of the coat, so a more vibrant Daffodil was used. Though, the Gold used on the belt buckle is almost completely negligible, so any kind of yellow or anything would work there.

Angela is definitely one of my fashionable characters if I had to say. I often get  positive comments on her outfit, such as “schoolgirl” or one of my favorites, “Anime Duelist”.

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